What is VFX (Visual effects)?

Visual Effects is a process of mixing & integrating the computer generated imagery to the live action footage. Mixing these seamlessly requires multiple processes from VFX Department.  Live action footage has to go with many technical procedures to get realistic look and feel.

The departments like Rotoscopy, Paint & cleanup, camera tracking & match moving, green/blue screen removal & compositing are working to design Visual effects in visual effect production houses.

Many CG (Computer generated) elements are integrated to the live action such as explosions, 3d characters & props.

What are the career options available in VFX industry?

IN VFX there are several departments according to studio production pipeline. Rotoscopy, Paint & cleanup artist, Compositor are the positions available for 2D. In 3d Camera tracking & match moving artist, Dynamics effects artist, Modeler, Texture artist, Lighting artist, Render Wranglers etc.     A VFX artist should have maximum of these skills with specialization in one of the stream. It will allow getting flexible in production pipeline with maximum job possibilities.


Animation is the creation of moving pictures/ images with the help of technology and/ or animation software. VFX refers to the creation of visual effects (VFX) by combining real-life images with animation using special software. For example, the stadiums we see in movies during game scenes are mostly empty. They only ‘appear’ to be filled with screaming fans, thanks to VFX!

We have examples of Animation & VFX all around us – the Spiderman & Popeye cartoons we watched as kids, or in our favorite movies like Avatar, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, etc.

The global Animation industry is growing every year by leaps & bounds. Animation & VFX are now used widely in many areas like TV, ads, medicine, training & education, etc. Many overseas projects get outsourced to India and thus there is a constant demand for skilled professionals in this sector.

What is the difference between 3D animation & Visual Effect?

3D Animation films are completely done form the scratch with the help of concept, Drawings

& software’s. Visual effects concerned to adding CG elements to live Action Film. It includes

Many similar techniques & applications in production pipeline.

Why to use VFX & why there is many requirements in VFX Industry?

To show impossible or unbelievable stuff in a film, it requires a lot of managements in building props & other required setup. VFX reduces the physical arrangements needed to be used by using CG elements. Because of advancements in VFX films it demands more VFX Artists to be Associated.

Even smaller advertisements or Gags are coming with more interesting effects, motion graphic  & design elements.

What are the Career Opportunities in Multimedia?

You may be a versatile CG artist with our Long term degree courses. Or enroll for selective software’s for a quick job opportunity. There are different Options available for who are already professionals & candidates looking for career In visual effect’s & any multimedia sector such as Graphic design, Web design or E learning.

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