Name: Sayli Vishwase
Course: GWDD
Designation: Graphic and web designer

Arena animation Fc Road Pune is the best across India and is known for its excellence. It has all the best facilities under one roof state of infrastructure erudite faculty professional teachers well stocked libraries good computer labs and studios with all requirements.I am very grateful to be a part of this Arena Animation


Name: Aarti Biradar
Course: Digital architecture and interior design
Designation: Interior Designer

Testimonial: Taking admission into arena animation is like paying for an exclusive world tour. The Arena Fc Road institute is comprised of different nationalities which makes it a global community for diverse learning .It has been a wonderful experience for me so far in the Arena Fc Road Campus


Name: Nehal Gokhale
Course: GWDD
Designation: Graphic and web designer

Testimonial: I joined Arena Animation FC road one & half year ago, I had very good time here. Staff of Arena Animation is very helpful & just because of Arena Animation I learnt all about graphic industry. Thanks Arena Animation for giving me the opportunity to prove myself.


Name: Swanand Patil
Course: DCD
Designation: Graphic designer

I can positively say Arena Animation Fc Road has made me better person . It has helped me develop a positive attitude toward my studies and discover more about myself .
Internships and Placement IN Anibrain Company in Pune


Name: Neha Kulkarni
Course: AAIP VFX
Designation: VFX Artist

The concept I learned are priceless .Being a designer inspiration can be hard to come by and at Arena Animation Fc Road design I was taught from the begining how to use resources we had to create top level design even on a small budget .


Name: Shantanu Tikale
Course: AAIP VFX
Designation: VFX Artist

Here in Arena Animation Fc Road we have great faculty members under which we have learnt a lot because of which I can see my fruitful future.


Name: Prayag Mahabaleshwarkar
Course: AAIP VFX
Designation: VFX Artist

Testimonial: Arena Animation Fc Road has given me professional knowledge from the experienced staff and got to know how movies actually works.


Name: Sumeet Waghmare
Course: AAIP VFX
Designation: VFX Artist

The facilities at the Arena Animation Fc Road is impeccable and the variety of services available made me always feel very supported .


Name: Yuvraj Yadav
Course: AAIP VFX
Designation: VFX Artist

I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact the teachers are really close to the students .We are very supported in our studies .Some of the teachers are really kind and their way of teaching is really interesting.


Name: Aditya Maske
Course: AAIP VFX
Designation: VFX Artist

Being a part of Arena Animation Fc Road has a great experience which has helped me as well as many students like me to realize that although we belong to a certain nation but we actual are a part of word population as a whole. I can now proudly entitle myself as a cosmopolitan because I have come across variety of culture and its essence being a part of this institution

Trikaya House, Office No 101, Sr. 925a, FC Road
Behind Deendayal Hospital, Pune -411005.
Phone: +91 7755900813, 02025675188
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